I Felt SO MUCH Better

This place is so great! I have never been to a chiropractor before so I was kind of nervous and skeptical but I went after a rear end auto accident and by the time I came in my neck was so bad I could barely drive because I had a hard time looking behind me. First of all I was very impressed with how much time the dr spent with me, explained everything, made a point to understand what I was going through and come up with a personalized solution. Second, he actually helped!! I felt better after the first visit but was thinking “yeah right I’m probably going to wake up really sore tomorrow or something.. this is too good to be true..” but no, I really did improve. After like a week and a half I felt SO MUCH better. He even started helping me with a pre existing condition in my lower back I’ve been struggling with. Unfortunately I had to stop going because my lawyers were paying for it and my insurance does not cover him but honestly I’m considering paying out of pocket and he said he would work something out if I needed to be a cash patient. For real pain relief, it’s totally worth it. He even gave me a referral to another dr on our last visit because he knew I was still having pain. I would definitely recommend anyone to visit here.

Sarah H.