If you’ve been injured in an automotive accident and are experiencing back and/or neck pain call our car accident chiropractor now!  Dr. Kuwamoto and his staff specialize in immediate care for auto injuries.  After a car accident we recommend seeking a chiropractic doctor for help right away so that we can assess, properly document, and, if needed, begin the treatment process right away so that you can begin to heal.  Although your symptoms may be mild initially, your neck or back could be damaged and the initial pain may not be significant at first.  That is why it is important regardless of how severe your symptoms are that you receive a full assessment from a chiropractic expert in auto accident injuries as soon as possible.

From an insurance standpoint, it is also important that you are examined by a doctor within the first several days in order to establish the credibility of your case.  Insurance companies can claim that your injuries are less severe if you wait to seek medical treatment, so it is essential that you are examined by a medical professional right away.

We specialize in immediate care for auto injuries, so don’t wait!  Call our car accident chiropractor’s office in Fresno today.