Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Car Accidents

Being in a car accident is never a fun experience and no matter how major of an accident you have been involved in, it can have an effect on your body. A small fender-bender can result in whiplash and neck pain, and more traumatic accidents can result in severe discogenic pain as well as disc herniation, displaced bone fragments, soft tissue injuries, and other conditions.

When you see a chiropractor to treat neck and back pain after an accident, you enjoy the benefits of: 

  • Treatment of non-obvious injuries that can result in headaches, soreness, dizziness, and pain
  • Whiplash treatment
  • Pain relief — without the use of addictive drugs — that addresses the root cause of your back pain
  • Reduction of inflammation and pressure on the nervous system
  • Restoration of range of motion and stability
  • Avoiding long-term problems which require more extensive treatment  

If you think you have been experiencing whiplash symptoms, neck pain, upper or lower back pain after your car accident, contact Kuwamoto Chiropractic. We would love to help you begin your journey toward living pain-free. Get a free consultation!